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CTUG-45 Liter Ultralight Backpack
CTUG-45 Liter Ultralight Backpack
CTUG-45 Liter Ultralight Backpack
CTUG-45 Liter Ultralight Backpack
CTUG-45 Liter Ultralight Backpack
CTUG-45 Liter Ultralight Backpack
CTUG-45 Liter Ultralight Backpack
CTUG-45 Liter Ultralight Backpack
CTUG-45 Liter Ultralight Backpack
CTUG-45 Liter Ultralight Backpack
CTUG-45 Liter Ultralight Backpack

CTUG-45 Liter Ultralight Backpack

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Pack sales are PAUSED

Sales on full framed packs (CTUG-35 and CTUG-45) are paused for now. We will not be accepting orders on the 1st of the month. We apologize for the break but we will spend the time improving the processes by which we make our packs in an effort to release a higher quantity of packs in the future. We don't know exactly when pack orders will be available again but we're aiming for early next year. 

Accessory Item Options

We offer an automatic discount on accessory items ordered with a backpack. You have the option to add on a 2.5 L Fanny Pack (30% off) or 1 Accessory Item or 2 Accessory Items (both 25% off). 

Add all the items to your cart individually from their respective product pages then your discount will be applied at checkout. Unfortunately you cannot combine this deal with another discount code. 

Accessory items: We offer a variety of accessory items that attach seamlessly to the backpack in order to make your hiking experience more efficient. We hold our fanny pack/hip belt integration in high regard. Our accessory items are listed below in their order of popularity. 

Strap Shape:

J straps: J straps are rather standard and will conform to most men and some women. 

S straps: S straps allow more space for the shoulder/chest region and are preferable to women and men with large shoulders/chests. 


Please see our sizing tutorial page to get the right measurements for your backpack. It is important to double check your measurements because we do not take returns on custom backpack orders. You may either order within the ranges or enter your exact measurements into the notes section for no extra charge. If you have a half inch measurement or aren't sure, feel free to email us at and when in doubt, size up.

Product Information


Max Carry Weight: Our recommended maximum weight for comfort and longevity of the pack is 35 lbs. 

Volume: The 45 Liter capacity includes the space in the front and side pockets. It is possible to attach gear to the pack on the outside in order to exceed this limit. 45 Liters is an approximation and most packs end up at about 48 Liters. Disclaimer* We hear often that our backpacks seem bigger than what was expected.

Weight: (including frame and sit pad)

Average: 30 oz (1 lb 14 oz)

Range: 29-32 oz (1 lb 13 oz - 2 lbs)

All backpacks come with a removable Z-lite sit pad and a removable frame. We suggest however to use these items at all times. We therefore report the weight of the pack including these items. 

Frame (2 ounces - removable): Carbon fiber frame stays with biodegradable plastic bracket attachment (frame composed of scrapped arrow shafts and can be easily replaced)  

Sit Pad (~1.4 oz): There is a pocket in the rear of the backpack where your back makes contact. This is for a foam pad to add comfort while hiking and double as a sit pad while camping or taking a break. 

Dimensions: The base dimensions of the pack are 8" x 11" with a height of about 24" closed and 29" with the roll top open. The roll top circumference is about 39". A bear can will fit inside though only upright.

Materials and water resistance: We use X-Pac VX21 as we believe it has the perfect balance between lightweight and durability. It is a waterproof material however we do not seal the seams. This means that during heavier rain, water can and will seep in through the seams. We advise that you use a compactor or contractor bag as a bag liner to avoid your items getting damp. We will include 1 compactor bag with each purchase if you request it.

Attachment Points/Features

Closure system: Our bags have a roll top closure with a V strap and buckle. This allows you to attach items to the top of the pack if desired.

Side panel shock cord: The cord spanning the side panels is stretch chords designed to help you secure items to your backpack. Common uses: sleeping pad, rain gear, trekking poles, tyvek/tarp and more. They *can be used as compression straps but this is not the intended use and aren't perfect for this. 

Front/side pockets: The front and side pockets are made from two different materials. The bottom sections are Xpac to avoid snagging on rocks/logs. The top mesh is diver mesh. Diver mesh is durable and does not stretch. This is a design choice to optimize durability and offers a trade off in that the pocket is a set size and does not stretch to infinity like some front pockets. These pockets all have stretch cord at the top with a line loc to secure the items inside. The side pockets can carry two 1 liter smart water bottles each (4 total). 

Lower front straps: There is another option for attaching a sleeping pad, tent etc in the front of the pack. This area uses static cord and line locs to secure items to the front of the pack under the front pocket. 

Ice ax loops: All backpacks come with removable ice ax loops. 

Shoulder straps: The shoulder straps come with a 1" piece of webbing bar tacked along the length of them. This allows for a highly adjustable sternum strap and accessory item attachment points. 


We offer a one year warranty to cover all manufacturer defects. We are also very willing to assist in on trail repairs if you are willing to do some sewing. If you experience an issue with your backpack unrelated to manufacturer defects or beyond the one year warranty, please still contact us and we will do what we can to fix your pack at a small fee. 

We do not accept returns or exchanges on backpacks at this time. Due to the nature of custom orders, all backpack orders are final.


Please feel free to call or email us with any questions about our backpack! 

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