In order to fit the backpack to your body, we need two measurements. This works best using a flexible tape measure. In order to get an accurate measurement, we suggest having another person help take these measurements.

Waist Measurement:

This measurement is of the circumference of your waist at your iliac crest (hip shelf/top of hip bone). This is where your hip belt will sit on your body and most of the weight of the pack will be transferred to here. Simply locate where the top of your hip bone is, and measure all the way around your waist at that point. Be sure that the tape measure does not slip above your hip bone. We select which size hip belt to put onto your pack with this measurement.

Back Measurement:

This measurement is the distance between your iliac crest (hip shelf/top of hip bone) and your C7 vertebrae. The C7 Vertebrae is located at the base of your neck and can be found by touching your chin to your chest and feeling for the prominent bump that forms on the back of your neck. Take the measurement between these two points and we suggest that you repeat this one to two times to be sure you have an accurate measurement. We use this measurement to determine how much vertical distance to put between the hip belt and the shoulder strap attachment points.