Nathan Ackerman

I'm originally from downstate, outside of Saginaw, but frequently came to the Keweenaw during the summers and holidays to visit family and grew up loving the area. I eventually went to school at MTU, and graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree. When I'm not in the shop I like to be outside fishing, running, and camping. Some of my favorite places to get outside are Yosemite Valley, Grand Island, and High Rock Bay.  

Austin Gongos

I came to the UP for University like many others, but stayed for the natural beauty and recreation. I graduated in 2018 with a Mechanical Engineering degree and went on to found CTUG with Nathan shortly after. I spend my free time trail running and skiing in the UP. I love racing in local ultra marathons and skiing at Mt. Bohemia, the best powder skiing in all the midwest. PCT 2018 - shoutout to the Fox Fam!



Sascha Chesler

I come from an Art and Design degree from the University of Oregon and then some independent printmaking in Chicago. I'm all about sustainable fashion, and reducing our impact by mending gear or revamping thrifted clothes. I'm also a big fan of investigative journalism podcasts. When I'm not in the shop, you might spot me out sharing a meal with friends, perfecting the perfect cup of coffee, or exploring local trails on my mountain bike with Juno!

Beverly Maynard

My mom taught me to sew about the time I started going to school. I grew to love making clothes, and have continued my entire life! I love the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, fishing and cross-country skiing with my 18lb adventure pup, Osa! I love my veggie, herb and flower gardens, cooking healthy food and processing things from my own garden to enjoy all winter long.

Jordan Manninen

I was born in Wisconsin but have lived in Hancock since I was an infant. I have a lot of great friends and family that live here so I’ve never felt the need to move away. Like all of my ”yooper” friends, I grew up loving the outdoors. I enjoy playing hockey and being at the ice rink all winter. In the summer, I’ll be at the beach!

Nala Irwin

I was born and raised in the UP and grew up always outdoors. As I grew older my love for nature also grew larger! Over the past few years I have taken interest in fashion design as well. As a way to combine my two passions I hope to find ways to make fashion more sustainable for the environment. If I’m not at the shop you can find me on hiking trails, baking cookies, or making some fun lattes!

Makaiah Munchbach

I am currently studying Biomedical Engineering and Spanish at Michigan Tech. I came to CTUG as a self-taught seamstress, and have since learned so many new techniques with the guidance of the team. I love nature, and tending to my plants is one of my favorite ways to express my appreciation for it. If I'm not at the shop, you will likely find me with my hands in the soil, or lifting at the gym!

Sean Smith

Originally from Metro Detroit, I moved to Chicago to acquire a degree in Digital Marketing / Music Business. After 5 years of city living, I moved to Hancock September of 2022 in pursuit of good people and stunning nature! I love snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, and playing fetch with whoevers’ dog I can get my hands on. When I’m not at the shop, you can find me taking downhill laps at Copper Harbor, or riding powder at Mt. Bohemia!

Morgan Hallberg

I grew up in Lower Michigan but moved to the Upper Peninsula to explore nature and study Environmental Engineering at Michigan Tech. I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, sailing, and photography. Although studying engineering I have always enjoyed being creative through watercolor painting, pottery, and more. I'm excited to add sewing to my repertoire, honing my skills right here at the shop.


Full time CTUG shop greeter and ball fetcher. You can find me swimming in Lake Superior in the summer and rolling in the snow in the winter. I will slobber on all of your clothes, however, I still will become your favorite CTUG member.