Nathan Ackerman

I'm originally from downstate, outside of Saginaw, but frequently came to the Keweenaw during the summers and holidays to visit family and grew up loving the area. I eventually went to school at MTU, and graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree. When I'm not in the shop I like to be outside fishing, running, and camping. Some of my favorite places to get outside are Yosemite Valley, Grand Island, and High Rock Bay.  

Austin Gongos

I came to the UP for University like many others, but stayed for the natural beauty and recreation. I graduated in 2018 with a Mechanical Engineering degree and went on to found CTUG with Nathan shortly after. 
I spend my free time trail running and skiing in the UP. I love racing in local ultra marathons and skiing at Mt. Bohemia, the best powder skiing in all the midwest. PCT 2018 - shoutout to the Fox Fam!

Evan Lanese

Originally from Cleveland, I came to the UP to complete a Masters in Geology which I finished in August 2020. I served in the US Peace Corps in Ghana as an agriculture volunteer for 3 years alongside my research. Currently, I live on a farm, developing skills in permaculture, lucid dreaming, and constructing a house from sustainable materials. I'm also involved in a community gardening and a local buddhist group. 

Jack Blake

From the Detroit area I made my way to da U.P. for an education at MTU for Mechanical Engineering. I fell in love with the Keweenaw and the adventurous opportunities it brings like skiing, mountain biking, hiking and camping. I have the dreams of designing my own product and traveling around the US in a van. I hope to one day give a ted talk. 

Ryan Heetderks

I came to the Keewenaw back in 2016 to attend Michigan Tech for Mechanical Engineering. Some of my passions include photography, playing the guitar, and exploring the U.P. with my friends! My favorite hikes include the Pictured Rocks Lakeshore (MI), Hell Roaring River (MT), and Longs Peak (CO).

Atlas Rosenburg

I came to the Houghton/Hancock area in 2019 to attend Michigan Tech and study Mechanical Engineering and soon as I arrived I fell in love with the region. I enjoy hiking, camping, swimming, mountain biking and the Keewenaw has offered me many opportunities to try new activities. Some day I want to travel across the country and visit as many National Parks as possible.

Sascha Chesler

I was lured to Hancock because of some good friends and some great outdoorsy fun for me and my pup. I come from an art & design degree from University of Oregon and printmaking in Chicago. I'm an avid camper, hiker, runner, dog lover, thrifter and traveler. Investigative journalism podcast enthusiast. If I’m not at the shop, you can find me running local trails, windsurfing or mountain biking local trails with Juno.


Part lab part otter! You can find me swimming in Lake Superior, chasing my ball, destroying all frisbees, slobbering on all of your clothes or over excitedly greeting visitors and friends at the CTUG shop.