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CTUG-15 Fast Pack / Day Pack (Prototype)
CTUG-15 Fast Pack / Day Pack (Prototype)
CTUG-15 Fast Pack / Day Pack (Prototype)
CTUG-15 Fast Pack / Day Pack (Prototype)
CTUG-15 Fast Pack / Day Pack (Prototype)
CTUG-15 Fast Pack / Day Pack (Prototype)
CTUG-15 Fast Pack / Day Pack (Prototype)
CTUG-15 Fast Pack / Day Pack (Prototype)
CTUG-15 Fast Pack / Day Pack (Prototype)
CTUG-15 Fast Pack / Day Pack (Prototype)
CTUG-15 Fast Pack / Day Pack (Prototype)

CTUG-15 Fast Pack / Day Pack (Prototype)

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Product Description:

The inspiration for this backpack was a fast pack for run-commuting a few miles. It evolved into a durable fast pack/running backpack that showed promise as a day pack as well. The biggest difference between these two "versions" is the shoulder straps. You can either choose the running straps with lycra pockets for soft flasks and snacks + shock cord sternum strap, or a classic daisy chain shoulder strap with normal sternum strap buckle closure and an opportunity for our many accessory items

This pack is about 10 liters internal and 5 external, 15 liters total. It's perfect for day hikers visiting waterfalls or fast packers crushing miles. 

Tech Specs:

Capacity: 15 liters total - 12 internal and ~3+ external

Weight: ~16 oz without hip belt (you can attach a hip belt but it isn't needed). Hip belt is removable and is comprised of a small 1/4" foam pad that will ride your hips and buckle with webbing in front. Photos will be added soon. A simple 1" webbing hip belt is also available by request. 

Dimensions: The back pad area is 9" x 15". Design has a tapered depth maxing out at 7".

Materials and Water Resistance: We use X-Pac VX21 as we believe it has the perfect balance between lightweight and durable. It is a waterproof material however we do not seal the seams. This means that during heavier rain, water can and will seep in through the seams. We advise that you use a compactor or contractor bag as a bag liner to avoid your items getting damp. We will include 1 compactor bag with each purchase if you request it.

Options Explained:

Strap Style: 

Fast Pack/Running Shoulder Straps: The straps for this version have 2 lycra pockets per shoulder strap. One on bottom that can fit a 0.5 liter soft flask or a cell phone, and one upper pocket that cinches closed with shock cord perfect for snacks, gus or salt tablets. This system also uses shock cord and pack hooks as a sternum strap.

Standard Daisy Chain Shoulder Straps: This is shown in the photos using a CTUG-25. The standard shoulder straps have a 1" daisy chain that lets you easily add any of our shoulder strap accessories.

Strap Shape:

J straps: J straps are rather standard and will conform to most men and some women. 

S straps: S straps allow more space for the shoulder/chest region and are preferable to women and men with large shoulders/chests. 

Back Pad Style: 

Internal 1/4" CCF: This option is shown with the CTUG-15 in the photos. The 1/4" closed cell foam pad is "trapped" inside of the pack using a VX21 and lycra sleeve. this is the lighter option. 

External Z-lite: This version looks like the CTUG-35 and CTUG-45 backpacks' sit pad in that the Thermarest Z-lite sit pad is used as a back pad and held in by two strips of lycra mesh on the outside of the back panel. This allows for the sit pad to be accessed during a break but is slightly heavier and bulkier. 

Static Cord Compression:

Yes: Yes, include the side static cord to compress the pack.

No: No, do not include the side static cord to compress the pack.


Roll Top Closure: Roll top creates a water resistant closure, while giving you the option to overpack the bag a bit if needed. 

Front Lycra Mesh Pocket: Lycra stretch pockets with shock cord tops running through a line lock. The front pocket is accessible while hiking by reaching from the left or right. The pocket is designed to keep items in while running.

Side Lycra Mesh Pockets: Lycra stretch pockets with shock cord tops running through a line lock. This pocket can hold 2 smart water bottles or a Nalgene. It is designed to keep items in while running though larger items or bottles above the cinch top may jostle.

Front Panel Water Resistant Zipper Pocket: There is a water resistant zipper pocket on the front of the pack large enough for a wallet/keys/phone.

Static Cord Compression on Sides: The sides of the pack hav static cord through tri rings and a line lock designed to compress the bag and keep items from jostling inside. 

Front Panel Shock Cord: Shock cord runs along the upper front panel and is perfect for a sleeping pad, jacket or whatever else!


Here at CTUG we try our best to make sure you know exactly what you're getting. When it comes to the prototype corner, please be sure to read the entire description and each individual photograph to understand what you're buying. We will honor our 1 year warranty with these items on manufacturer defects. Returns for other reasons are not accepted as these packs are customized. 


Please feel free to call or email us with any questions about our backpack! Contact information can be found below!

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